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如何寫好一篇Argumentative Essay?


      小從課程作業,大至學術論文;議論文,在同學們的生活中占領著舉足輕重的地位。今天讓我們跟隨Meeloun論文網一起學習如何寫好一篇Argumentative Essay?

如何寫好一篇Argumentative Essay

      什么是argumentative essay?

      比起華麗的詞藻,argumentative essay更側重于用嚴謹的語言論述觀點。




      在第一個介紹段落中,作者需要通過最簡潔的語言給予出話題的背景信息,和文章的中心論點(thesis statement)。

      Thesis statement是由topic+claim兩部分組成的。topic是主題,而claim就是你要傳達的內容,你的觀點和態度。

      第二部分Body Paragraph:陳述論據



      在有的時候,作者還需要通過反駁counter argument來強化自己的論點。
課堂body paragraph練習




      Have you ever eaten a slimy gorgon-like piece of fat,or in other words,junk food?School lunches have been a controversy for years,and many schools still serve bad food.I think schools should not serve junk food.


      First of all,junk food has a lot of fat.Fat is something that children cannot have too much of.One type of fat,cholesterol,is known to cause fatal strokes to many.It also affects blood pressure,and high blood pressure can lead to heart attacks,and it would cause pain in the kidneys,because kidneys rely on healthy blood cells carrying oxygen to stay healthy.A study by some scientists say that after studying the participants,many had bodies vulnerable to diabetes.


      "Fat is something that children cannot have too much of."是本段的論點;



      “Fat is something that children cannot have too much”

      Cholesterol:Specific example!

      "It would cause pain in the kidneys,because kidneys...healthy."這句話略微繁瑣,可以分為兩句


      Second,junk food is not fresh.Since we are dealing with kids and adolescents in school,some young kids hate a grueling stomach ache.Junk food causes just that.Not only is it a pain in the front for children,but a literal pain in the back for parents.They have to deal with and help their sick child.


      “stomach ache”拼寫應該為stomachache


      Finally,Eating too much causes obesity.Obesity can cause mental damage to a child.Many many children laugh at and tease and make fun of fat or obese children,and it makes children loose confidence and sometimes they get depressed.Also,obesity causes children to have an inability to participate in physical games.It also makes someone vulnerable to everything too much fat causes.


      “Obesity can cause mental damage to a child.”


      修改:“Obesity causes mental health to a child.”


      All in all,junk food should not be in schools.Everyone should take a say in the problem of junk food in school.