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Innovation is the driving force of development
Pharmaceutical R&D is a high investment, high risk and high-tech project. After years of accumulation and development, China Union has acquired great scientific R&D ability, employed a professional and technical staff with various types of medical science and technology in high levels to do the research and development in cooperation with several major domestic medical colleges, medical research institutes, pharmaceutical research institutes and other research institutions.

China Union has an R&D center covers over 800 square meters in Suzhou Fenhu High-Tech Zone with the total value of scientific equipments over $800,000. At the same time,we keep the investment of Pharmaceutical research and development more than $1600,000 every year. We have already developed a lot of new medicine of national level, some products have been listed as ‘Technological Product’in national, provincial and city area and passed the "National High-Tech" achievement appraisal.

In the future, China Union will continue to import and culture High-Tech experts, strengthen the cooperation with the well-known domestic and foreign research institutions and universities , continue to research and development of new medicine with independent intellectual property rights, and make a contribution to the cause of human health.