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干貨|Evaluation&Definition Essay寫作攻略

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      天氣越來越冷了,大家有沒有在final周開始擔心,自己的essay到底能不能寫好呢。本期Meeloun教育將為大家帶來一篇關于Evaluation&Definition Essay寫作的干貨內容,如果有期末季有這類essay要寫的同學們趕緊看過來哦~

Definition Essay寫作
Definition Essay怎么寫?
      Identify the necessary qualities of a concept

      Give compelling evidence that these qualities are necessary to the concept

      Give sufficient qualities to define the concept

      What is merely accidental to the concept

      1.definition essay和evaluation essay有一定共通處,都需要盡可能多的例證來證明觀點。Definition essay常在第一段引用字典中對該名詞的解釋
      2. 題目中的重要單詞都需大寫,不只是首字母
      3.作為一篇academic的論文,不能有personal nouns。一定要避免出現we,they這些詞。

      Professor Joel Hendrick says there are three main points which can help you write a good definition essay. 

      First, you should illuminate clearly why this definition is needed and for what you will use this definition. This means you need to find a meaningful and realistic problem or question, especially something surrounded our college life. High Quality Essay Writing Service On

      Secondly, you are expected to find some proper criteria. For me, I want to define “Master a language”. And one of my criteria is “people must know all the answers to the questions they are asked.” However, with the help of my professor Hendrick, I realize this is not a proper criterion. Because as a Chinese, I think I have mastered Chinese, but I don’t know the answer to “What’s the application of gravitational wave.” Therefore, I change my criterion into “people can fully understand what other people are saying.” That’s a more proper criterion. 

      Thirdly, you have to show that each of your criterion is necessary but not sufficient. This can strengthen the connection between each criterion and is used as a transition.


      The purpose of writing this kind of essay is to encourage us to develop the ability to define a certain thing through finding some specific criteria. In this case, we can solve problems in practice.

Evaluation Essay怎么寫?


      At beginning, you have to introduce the thesis about which substance you are going to evaluate. A little digging is necessary, it includes the attributes the object contains, which also indicates the purpose, the features, and your personal experience about it. 

      Introduction:clearly communicate what the essay evaluates, how it is to be evaluated, why it is important to evaluate

      其次寫出要滿足該名詞需要哪三方面的標準。 同時在每段body里都要說出原因并提供evidences證明,為什么符合某個標準,就能被評價為某個名詞。
      例:If it has……,+good consequences

      If it doesn’t have+bad consequences


      1.Each paragraph should begin with a clear evaluation.

      2.state the criterion being applied and give a compelling justification

      3.claim about meets or fails to meet this criterion+evidence

      Conclusion:restate evaluation and the implication:improve,change,abandon, adopt


      At the end of the essay, you must conclude your opinion, which integrate every spot you mentioned in the above context, and clarify which item is qualified which is not. And of course, don’t forget to attach your own understandings between those judgements, under this case, essay’s quality will be greatly promoted.  When you finished detailed conclusions, do not recognize the whole writing task as finished, a final evaluation is required for the last sentence of the article, it basically contains the opposite judgement for an object. 

      眼下正值Final季,相信很多留學生都被布置了大量的各種essay,pre等作業,想要輕松度過final季的同學們歡迎選擇meeloun代寫,我們竭誠提供essay代寫,assignment代寫,網課代修以及各類英文論文作業代寫,歡迎聯系客服獲得最新報價,PS. 新客戶可以立減5%哦~